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Nitriding & Heat Treatment

Vacuum Heat Treatment

Sutton Tools specialise in premium quality vacuum through hardening and tempering of high speed steels, hot work steels, cold work steels and martensitic stainless steels and age hardening steels.

The aim is to provide the customer with a heat treated product that has the optimum combination of hardness and microstructure while keeping distortion to a minimum.

NitroPlas Plasma Nitriding

Sutton Tools introduced Australia’s first commercial plasma nitriding facility called NitroPlas. This revolutionary process generates a plasma on a cage surrounding the entire work load in a vacuum furnace in order to generate active nitrogen. The end result is a product with high surface hardness, excellent fatigue resistance, low surface friction and good anti-corrosion properties.

All traditional nitridable steels and stainless steels can be readily treated on products ranging from nuts and bolts to large plastic injection moulding tools.

Steam Oxide Treatment

For Ferrous materials only. The thin oxide layer acts as a lubricant in some applications. Steam Oxide is useful for corrosion protection and can improve performance in cutting applications. Steam oxide assists in prevention of build-up on the cutting edge, which is a major cause of surface roughness and irregular sizing, when cutting ‘sticky’ materials.

Appearance colour – Blue-black and maximum process temperature of 560ºC.

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